The Wire 40 Celebrations

The Wire Magazine 40th anniversary
The Wire Magazine 40th anniversary min-festival at The Cube Bristol

I helped celebrate The Wire magazine’s 40th year of publishing this summer by taking part in the mini-festival held at The Cube, Bristol. The event’s final evening was devoted to the story and legacy of The Scratch Orchestra.

“Musical innovation & revolutionary politics collide” tweets @thewiremagazine, hinting at the opportunities and contradictions of Cornelius Cardew’s experiment in democratic mass music-making.

I performed alongside original member Stefan Szczelkun, guitarist Matthew Grigg and flautist Tina Hitchens. 

Cornelius Cardew building the Scratch Cottage
Scratch Music graphic score

A product of the 60’s it may be, but as I discovered, Scratch Music still has the potential to empower, energise and entertain.  

What is Scratch Music and what can it offer? Read Szczelkun’s piece about being a part of it all

Or take a deep dive into its history and philosophy by Rod Eley.

My track on The Wire 40 Playlist

I was also invited to donate a track to the online playlist of Wire 40 contributing artists.

Have a listen to my duo with pianist Manuela Keller, recorded at a live performance at Kunst und Philosophie in Zürich, Nov 2019.

Kay Grant and Manuela Keller

Or tune in to the whole playlist on The Wire website. I’m honoured to be included in such illustrious company as Orphy Robinson and FM Einheit.