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Kay Grant and Martin Vishnick play live as Living Standards

Living Standards @ Fringe In The Round

Quick look back at the Living Standards gig at Fringe In The Round at The Bristol Fringe on 4 July 2023 – a debut for the duo. It was standing room only and a memorable night alongside the Ronan Perrett Quartet.

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Cover of Kay Grant / Daniel Thompson CD: 'quite pleased to be playing under a birdcage, that doesn't have a bird in it'

Grant / Thompson CD

Released on Empty Birdcage Records – CD with Kay Grant (voice) and Daniel Thompson (guitar). “Frequently gripping,” writes Daniel Spicer in The Wire magazine, “especially when they unexpectedly arrive in moments of genuine simultanaeity.”

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The Wire Magazine 40th anniversary

The Wire 40 Celebrations

Contribution to the online playlist of artists taking part in The Wire’s 40th anniversary celebrations: duo with pianist Manuela Keller recorded live in Zürich. Plus post-performance notes on performing in Scratch Orchestra tribute @ The Cube.

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Abstract tunnel and lights

Escape Routes

Preview track from soon-to-be-released improvised lockdown album ‘Escape Routes’ with Chris Dammers on keyboards, percussion and voice. It aired on The Wire’s ‘Adventures in Sound and Music’ broadcast 1st April on ResonanceFM.

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Leaves blowing in the wind

Freeform Forever

2-Minute tribute submitted for the Mopomoso TV ‘Celebration of John Russell’s Life in Music’. John was a generous, funny, creative soul whose life was fully committed to sharing free improvised music and inspiring others to do the same.

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Still from video 'Reciprocal Parallels'

Reciprocal Parallels

Video of a live Zoom improvisation with Martin Vishnick on guitar. Using the original Zoom video as the source, the visual space is reduced to 4 quadrants, each a series of 200 parallel vertical strips which are, in effect, Martin left and Kay right, in their respective environments. 

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